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Jeremy Allen White takes the world by storm in Calvin Klein underwear

In Calvin Klein true fashion, Jeremy Allen White showcased the underwear line, half naked with the NYC skyline as his backdrop. The star of “The Bear” and “Shameless”, took the world by storm as it amassed over 12.7 million dollars in Media Exposure for the clothing company. In only 48 hours,

White has been training to portray wrestler Kerry Von Erich in “The Iron Claw, and needless to say, people were impressed.

Fans have started to agree, especially after watching a ta video clip of the billboard, which was viewed more than 3.8 million times, that White has emerged as the newest sex symbol for this generation.

Along with TikTok videos that have made the campaign go viral, a fifty-second commercial directed by Mert Alas has solidified both Calvin Kelin and White as icons for masculinity. The video portrays White wearing a white tank, black jogging shorts, and a gold chain. The clothes don’t stay on for very long, and it is in this moment that world went reeling as they were able to see the actor seemingly in his element.

Individuals like Markey Mark, Justin Bieber, and, Jacobs Elordi have sent the world reeling as they too given their own bodies to showcase the underwear. Now, individuals are excited to have yet another striking icon join the pantheon, and perhaps to finally get recognition, for his well-deserved performance and looks.


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