Kenan Thompson’s Milestone of 1500 Sketches on SNL

And by Robert Haymer-Johnson

Kenan Thompson reached a milestone accomplishment of performing in 1500 sketches on Saturday Night Live on March 5. The veteran comedian, who has been a part of the SNL cast since 2003, performed his 1500th skit, “Meatball Men” before receiving a backstage celebration from cast and crewmates, applauding the star for his amazing accomplishment.

In the video posted on SNL’s socials, Kenan was heard saying, “You guys are going to make me cry,” as his crew members cheered him on.

Thompson announced his accomplishment on his Instagram writing, “Beyond blessed!! 1500?! NBC and SNL has been my home for 19 years and counting!!! Love everyone that’s helped me get to this amazing milestone!!!”

Kenan has not only reached 1500 sketches, but he’s also held the title for most SNL seasons, currently in his 19th season, shattering Darrell Hammond’s previous record of 14. This is an achievement that no other cast member is likely to break anytime soon, making Thompson a bona fide SNL legend.

Kenan started his career as a Nickelodeon star, making a name for himself through iconic children’s comedies like All That and Kenan & Kel in the 90s, earning him a Kid’s Choice Award in 1999.

In 1994, Kenan Thompson launched his movie acting career, staring in Mighty Ducks 2, followed by many other notable movies like Heavyweights (1995), Mighty Ducks 3 (1996), Good Burger (1997), Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000), Love Don’t Cost a Thing (2003), Barbershop 2 (2004), the lead role in Fat Albert (2004), among several others.

Kenan has been an integral part of Saturday Night Live, his fans celebrate with him and thank him for the iconic and hilarious contribution he’s been to the comedic community. Kenan has come a long way from the 25-year-old whose first words on SNL were, “Yeah, that’s right!” From sketches like “What’s Up with That?” where Kenan is found singing that hilarious hook, to sketches like “Black Jeopardy,” “Family Feud,” “Strollin,” “That’s the Game” (a personal favorite), or The Village People skit, Thompson has left his mark on his thousands of fans. Today, we celebrate this icon for his amazing accomplishment of 1500 sketches.

In addition to Kenan Thompson’s undeniable musical and comedic talent, he also has a big heart. Kenan is known for his philanthropic work as he serves on the board of the Cristian Rivera Foundation. He volunteers his time to this foundation and is one of their most generous donors. The Cristian Rivera Foundation is a non-profit that funds research and trials which aims to find a cure for a rare pediatric brain tumor, Diffused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or DIPG. This foundation was founded by a friend of Kenan’s who lost his son to this horrific disease in 2009. Since the beginning, Kenan has been one of the Cristian Rivera Foundation’s greatest supporters.

Kenan Thompson has proved with hard work comes great results. Kenan is currently a Saturday Night Live crew member, the founder and podcast host for “You Already Know,” and is the star of the NBC sitcom Kenan, which premiered in 2021. In this hilarious sitcom, Kenan plays a widowed father trying to raise his kids while balancing his career as the host of a morning TV show called “Wake Up with Kenan.” Kenan is now in its second season and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy.

What’s up with that? Well, you already know that Kenan Thompson is on a roll!  


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