Kid Cudi Explains Decision to Stop Smoking

A once publicly open smoker, Cudi has decided to stop smoking marijuana in order to become mature in life. As a tribute to retiring from his smoking career, Cudi will release the music video for “Marijuana” from his album The Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager. The music video shares footage of his last precious moments with Mary Jane. In response to criticism about his new lifestyle, Cudi replied that if some fans only like me when I’m high, then they aren’t true fans anyway. Cudi looks at quitting smoking as just another move in his life. He told in an interview with MTV that he likes himself better sober, and asks people to respect his decision. ‘Man, you know, I’ve been doing it for a while.’ I went to Amsterdam. It doesn’t get much higher than that,” says Cudi.


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