Knives Out

As a movie lover, I have always been a fan of movies that are captivating, interesting, and attention-grabbing. I recently discovered a magnificent film named “Knives Out”, which had me on the edge of my seat while still being charmingly funny. “Knives Out” is Rian Johnsson’s (director of sci-fi films such as Looper and Star Wars: The Last Jedi) story of a rich murder mystery writer who seemingly commits suicide during the eve of his birthday festivities, which were held at his manor with his family present. After his body is discovered, a group of elite detectives (including modern-day James Bond: Daniel Craig and Uncut Gem’s Lakeith Stanfield) begins to question the family of the deceased, realizing they all are employed by the murder mystery book empire of the victim. This makes one of the detectives want to investigate further, believing the suicide to be something more malicious. 

            As more family vendettas and grudges are revealed, we meet several eccentric members of the family and their version of the events (all differing from each other’s version for the sake of pride and ego). During the investigation, the writer’s young Latin nurse is treated as a neutral party, being questioned by the detectives until no longer considered the killer. The film’s premise takes on a rollercoaster of emotion as more details are revealed about what happened the night of the death. Everyone is a suspect! This film is very reminiscent of murder mystery classics like “Clue” taking a similar humorist stance towards death and grief. With an all-star cast including Ana De Armas, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collete, and Michael Shannon, amongst others; Knives Out is the perfect popcorn flick to watch on a Saturday night!


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