Kobe Vs Nash on the same team?

We all know Kobe Bryant for being leader of his team the “The L.A. Lakers” and not to forget Steve Nash who lead “The Phoenix Suns” before his draft pick to The Lakers. It seems to be a hidden tension between these two very popular players, according to Kobe he quotes “Here’s the thing: Some people are just very, very dumb. I keep hearing it from some people that I just want to score and that other stuff. Nobody has won more championships than me in my entire generation. I’ve got five of them. You can’t be selfish and win one championship, let alone five.
That argument should be in the coffin by now. I don’t like having the ball”. This was said by Kobe on ESPN 710 Radio in L.A. which was also quickly reported to Sports Radio Interviews. Will Kobe get his act together and accept that team work is accounted for especially when Nash already joined the squad?
Lets all hope for the best for the L.A. Lakers, because if they really want to see another championship they have to agree on a truce without the basketball being unsatisfied.


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