DJ of the Month for December 2023


Layla Benitez, a rising Afro House DJ and producer, hails from the vibrant cultural melting pot of New York City, blending her Puerto Rican and British heritage into her magnetic musical persona. From an early age, she found herself immersed in DJ booths, and while her roots trace back to those formative experiences, Layla’s artistry continually evolves with each performance and encounter. Her electrifying Boiler Room set in August 2021 showcased a mesmerizing fusion of 80s synth influences, coined by Layla as ‘indie-dance meets dark disco,’ serving as a pulsating homage connecting her NYC upbringing and her current Miami base. Through her productions, Layla effortlessly navigates an organic house sound with a soulful groove, all harmonizing within her distinctive sonic aesthetic, a testament to her honed expertise garnered as a resident DJ at the iconic Space Miami.

Layla Benitez From The Hï Ibiza Garden

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Layla Benitez

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