Leave Holiday Stress For the Birds

We hear the term wellness tossed around all the time. People tell you to try yoga, meditation, a glass of wine and a book before bed, all in an attempt to keep your head above water. The truth of the matter is, stress comes from being overwhelmed and this usually happens when a person has too much going on. So where in the middle of your busy schedule are you supposed to find time to join a yoga club or the money it to pay for it? There’s not always time for a morning jog and honestly, in this weather, there’s not always the inspiration for it either. Taking care of yourself is not something that should just be done when the holiday stress creeps in, or when stress creeps in at all. If yoga or running is your thing, make it an all-around hobby to maintain that balance, not a quick fix for every now and then.
Wellness practices should be life practices in order for them to be fully effective in combating stress when times get hectic. So we are going to discuss some stress release tactics that you can start this holiday season and carry on through the next.
 Know Thyself: If you know what stresses you, you can learn how to avoid it. Certain stressors are inescapable (like the in-laws or that annoying aunt during the holidays) but once you can list these things out, you can make a plan to conquer the things that cannot be avoided.
 Prepare for the Worst, Expect the Best: Preparation is Key for everything. During these months, schedules tend to get hectic with work events, kids’ Christmas plays, family gatherings, and the crazy shopping season. All that is happening as you try to make sure you scratch everything off the list and keep your house in order for the number of guests that will be passing through in search of a nice meal and good company. Somewhere in between all these things you have to find peace for yourself. Peace and satisfaction come when you know that you have done everything that is in your power to be done aka Preparation. From here you can relax, indulge in your holiday favorites, and expect the best from this holiday season.
 Don’t Burnout: In the midst of all of this hustle and bustle (and preparation), understand that this is vacation time as well and act accordingly. Certain things can wait until you are back in the office.
 Listen to Mama: Don’t forget what your mom taught you. No matter how old you get, it’s still important to eat your veggies, get enough sleep, and refrain from taking in too much caffeine or alcohol. These are all things that can help you stay cheerful and alert during the holiday season. Remember, the first step is taking care of your body and mind.


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