“Legging Legs” banned on TikTok: Why?

What are “Legging Legs”?

“Legging Legs,” the repackaged trend of having skinny legs that show a gap between thighs, is causing waves amongst TikTokers.

The tag #legginglegs scored over 33 million views as young women assert that these legs look best in yoga pants. Luckily, millennials and older Gen Zers who remember the era of the thigh gap are calling out the toxic trend. They warn that it is a “catalyst for eating disorders.”

“I’m speaking on behalf of my generation. We were traumatized by this s-it, and now some young women are making these posts about f—ing legging legs,” said millennial content creator Shannon Cole. She continued, “Are you kidding me?”

Not Having It

The hashtag has since been deleted and replaced with information about eating disorders. However, the world still saw the videos, and people were pushing back. Especially older generations with more knowledge.

“If you have seen this on social media, it’s repulsing. Basically, it’s a trend saying that if you have leggings and you wear leggings your legs have to look a certain way in them. Again, this is disgusting. Do not let social media tell your body that it is a trend. If you have a body and you have leggings, you have legging legs,” said user Holly Essler, a therapist.

According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, 9% of the US population, about 28.8 million Americans, experience some form of an eating disorder. Which is still too large of a number, and social media isn’t helping the problem.

Although the rehashed version of thigh gaps has resurfaced, the younger generation is getting better advice, and hopefully, better advocacy, than their predecessors.


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