Let's Pizza!

During the last couple of years an Italian entrepreneur, Claudio Torghel, developed a vending machine that produces pizza. The machine does not only heat up a ready slice in a microwave, but it whips up flour, water, tomato sauce and fresh ingredients. Then it cooks the pizza, and that only takes three minutes. A1 Concepts’ CEO Ronald Rammers explained that the reason these machines can whip up these pies in minutes is because they are placed in an infra-red oven. Each machine can fit ingredients for 200 pizzas and offers four different types.
The distributor, A1 Concepts, wants to bring the “Let’s Pizza” machine to the United States. If that happens, the machines will be installed in airports, malls, colleges, supermarkets, gas and bus stations, and hospitals.
The product is set for success- it remains highly popular in Europe, and the distributors think that it will be very convenient for the American life-style. Manufacturers stand by their tagline that the pizzas have never been touched by another human, citing cleanliness and efficiency as the primary reasons for its popularity. However, can these pizzas really be comparable to human made pies when they haven’t been given the appropriate amount of time to let the flavors develop? Let’s hope the pizza comes out not only fast and hot, but is delicious as well.


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