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Local Puertorican Businesses to Purchase Different Clothes

Looking for somewhere different to get new clothes from while also supporting minority entrepreneurs? Luckily, we’ve come across a few options on Instagram. They sell all kinds of clothes, whether to go out, go to the beach or be at home. Here are a few examples where you can find nice and good quality clothes.

Marella Moda 


This cute page celebrated its second year just a few months ago, it sells all kinds of clothes, from beautiful party dresses, tops, and bottoms. 

La Muse 


This page sells everything from beautiful dresses for formal occasions, to blouses that can be worn for any occasion.

Free Soul 


Unofficial Swim 


This page sells all kinds of beautiful swimsuits designed by the owner of the shop. 

Old Love 


This page sells curated vintage pieces for affordable prices.  

Tropicala. PR


These swimsuit pieces are handmade and reversible.


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