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Luxury Bus, Jet, Brings Relaxing Experience for Travelers from NYC to D.C.

The Jet released their luxury transportation services just recently from New York City to Washington, D.C., delivering satisfying experiences for travelers who want to see the beautiful landscape of the East Coast. Starting at $99 for one way, the bus uses HoverSeat technology that reclines much further than one would expect in an airplane. The bus had clean hardwood floors and a bathroom designed as if you were glamming up for the Academy Awards. During this trip, passengers would feel nothing in their seats. That’s how smooth the ride is.

For COVID-19 safety purposes, each row is separated by six feet. There is a vaccination requirement for crew members working in Jet. Passengers must wear their masks at all times. Beer and wine is free to enjoy with some light snacks to stay awake during the trip. The bus offers complimentary high-speed internet for passengers to explore content in their devices or follow up on work materials. The experience on Jet is meant to be as satisfying and convenient as possible.

One particular passenger tested riding on Jet and the Amtrak. The services were completely different, but more likely favoring Jet due to its spacious design and hospitable friendliness from the servers. The trip takes five hours and its new suspension technology allows bumpy rides on the freeway to go completely unnoticed. Usually, this type of technology would be used for trucks.

The attendants, perfectly dressed in their vests and professional attire, would check in frequently for any needs of the passengers. While the passenger stated that Amtrak was not completely a bad experience, Jet still wins the transportation experience by a landslide with its personalized catering towards their guests. This unique experience will surely leave customers wanting to return for more in the luxury experience as they land in Washington, D.C.


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