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Margot Robbie Embarrassed by Leaked Photos From Upcoming Barbie Movie

Last year it was announced that Greta Gerwig would be directing a new live-action Barbie movie, starring Ryan Gosling as Ken, and Margot Robbie, as the one and only Barbie. The movie has received a lot of buzz online, with many enthusiasts declaring Margot Robbie to be a perfect choice for Barbie. Fans became particularly excited earlier this year, in June, when some photos of the stars in costume were leaked on the internet. 

The photos that had everyone talking featured Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in matching neon rollerblading outfits. The bright colors (and famous actors wearing them) caught the attention of many people while out filming at Venice Beach, California. However, the stars didn’t anticipate just how much attention they were going to get.

Jump forward to this week; on Monday, Margot Robbie appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where she discussed everything from fairy bread to red solo cups. In her interview with Fallon, she shared her utter surprise over the traction that the leaked photos gained, stating, “I knew we had some exteriors to shoot in LA… there’s probably going to be a little crowd of people who are gonna take notice… and so I knew there would a little bit of attention and probably some photos would get out there, but not as they did.” The star did not expect the photos to become so viral. 

Margot Robbie on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

She even stated that the filming of these scenes was “the most humiliating moment of my [her] life.” In retrospect, this statement seems a little extreme given the immensely positive reaction the photos received. If anything, it’s a good thing these pictures were leaked because it has fans even more excited for the film’s July 21, 2023 release date. The positive attention for the film will surely be a good thing in the end, but this author can see why the unexpected attention might have been embarrassing at the time!


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