Miami Won the NBA Championship


An historic evening took place at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Thursday night.  After two long years weighted with disparagement and doubt, LeBron James and his Miami Heat team were finally able to rise above the resistance they have faced since the “Big 3” was formed, and deliver on their promise of a NBA championship.
Although a year late on this promise, considering how the Heat managed to make it through key games without an injured Chris Bosh, and how they were able to come out on top against a super-talented Oklahoma City team, you can hardly ridicule them for a little tardiness.
Game 5 may not have been the closest of finals series games, but it was without a doubt an exciting one.  With star players making spectacular plays, and supporting players also doing their roles, it was an overall great performance by these two talented teams, but one was simply just the better squad.
With each of its players contributing and the team executing successfully as a unit, the Miami Heat played almost as perfect as a game that can be played.  Their leader and finals MVP, LeBron James, led the way with a well-rounded triple-double adding 26 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists to the board.  The rest of the trio, Bosh and Wade, also played a strong game scoring 24 and 20 points, respectively.  The big spark of the game, however, came from an unexpected place as Mike Miller came off the bench and went on fire to drill 7 out of 8 three pointers and finished with 23 points.
OKC’s star Kevin Durant, who scored a game high 32 points, received a little less support from his teammates as Westbrook and Harden both put up a mediocre 19 points each.  The disappointment that Durant felt after being so close to the championship was evident as he was captured on camera being very emotional as he hugged his mother and father in the locker room after the loss.
As for LeBron and the Miami Heat, on the other hand, the excitement they felt could not be contained as they began to celebrate on the bench even before the final buzzer was rung.  “This is the best day of my life!” said an ecstatic LeBron James afterwards in the locker room.  “I can’t even explain it.”
With the massive burden of their first championship finally lifted off of their shoulders, the rest of the NBA should be in fear…who knows how many more titles are yet to come for this championship Miami Heat team.


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