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My top three favorite lingerie brands (Op-Ed)

Ladies, let’s be honest, finding a good pair of bras and panties is not easy. It can be just as difficult as finding a comfortable and fitting pair of shoes. This is why I mostly get my bras and panties from three stores: Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, and Adore Me. I’ll start with Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret is one of the largest lingerie retailers in the world. They also sell some pretty good perfumes and lotions. It will always have a place in my heart because when I first hit puberty, this was the first store I went to. If you don’t know your bra size, they have store associates that can measure you and help you try on bras to discover your size.

When I bought my first few pairs, I fell in love. The bras were worth the money because they looked amazing, the color was gorgeous, and the bras were super comfortable! I also love getting perfumes and sweatpants from their PINK line.  Their underwear made me feel womanly, beautiful, and sexy. This is what every woman wants to feel when they try on something.

I started buying Nordstrom bras and panties when I was a bit older (around 19-20 years old), and I never regretted it. Their bras and panties were some of the most comfortable I have ever tried aside from Victoria’s Secret’s bras and panties. Their colors weren’t as gorgeous as Victoria’s Secret’s or Adore Me’s colors, but they felt amazing under my clothes. It almost felt like I had nothing on.

Bras and panties from Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret look and feel amazing but they are very pricey as they roughly range from 25 to almost 80 dollars. I usually get the 29–40-dollar ones.

I discovered Adore Me very recently (specifically now in my senior year of college) and it is the best online shopping experience. I was pleased with the wide variety of gorgeous prints, colors, and designs the bras and panties had. They are also slightly cheaper as they range from 20-50 dollars, and as a broke college student, that really helped my pockets.

Lovelies, be sure to stop by your local Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret store or visit Adore Me online and get yourself a gorgeous set of bras and panties today!


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