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NASCAR officials deliberating on giving drivers control over tire changes

NASCAR drivers could be seeing new changes concerning the tires on their cars. This change comes after the recent NASCAR USA Today 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, where wet weather tires were used alongside non-competitive pit stops due to sudden weather changes.

Shortly after the race finished, a debate sparked on allowing individual teams to have more say on tire changes and out-stops throughout future races. While many were skeptical that the switch to wet tires would be successful, they were proven wrong. Even Christopher Bell’s crew chief Adam Stevens was pleasantly surprised.

“I was probably the biggest skeptic when they said they wanted to run wets at the ovals. I thought they were crazy, and they proved me wrong for sure,” said Stevens. “They did a really good job of coming up with a plan methodically of how wet was too wet … and they figured out once they got the water off the race track that you can run it, which was probably the best way to dry the track, too.”

According to on3, the idea was taken to the public by William Byron’s crew chief Rudy Fugle on an episode of NASCAR Radio.

“I fully think that we should be able to, ‘Hey, you spun out,’ you should be able to go get some new tires. ‘Hey, you hurt your tires — your rain tires, trying to come through the field,’ you should be able to come get another set and see if you can make some progress,” said Fugle.

. NASCAR Cup Series Managing Director Brad Moran believes this idea will likely happen eventually, it will, however, be a while before it gets approved.

“We’re still learning a lot about these tires every time we put them on and take them off. The teams were all aware of it. We did send out a notice, and I had quite a few meetings with crew chiefs, and everyone understood what our plan was, how we go start a race, and once it gets going, if it rains, what mode we get into,” said Moran on NASCAR Radio.

“So the teams did have all of that information available. We would like to get to that one day, but again, we want to make sure this sticks with the sport, and it gives up the opportunity to run in damp conditions.”

It is hopeful news for many NASCAR teams who seem open to the idea. Of course, as Moran stated, there are tests to be done mainly around potential risks.

Regardless, the weather is hard to predict and these tires could help make the drive safer for drivers and their crew.


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