New Yorkers are Thinking of Leaving NYC

Crime in New York City has increased by 60 percent in comparison to the crime rates in March 2021. From break-ins to subway pushes, New Yorkers find it impossible to find peace in their city without worrying every single step they take to work and home. A subway rider said, “I don’t feel safe anymore. I really don’t feel safe. I would rather take the bus for two hours, versus taking the train for 45 minutes.” Even though the New York Police Department secured protection in the subway station where lots of crimes are lurking about, people don’t generally feel safe getting to where they need to be.

Former NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said in concern, “They’re downgrading crimes to misdemeanor status and then letting them out. You can’t hold anybody under the bail reform laws for misdemeanors.” He sees that the police officers are doing the right thing to arrest those who defy the law. To him, the real problem is that prosecutors are downgrading crimes, making it easier for criminals to return back to society and commit crimes more. Mayor Eric Adam’s promised to change the scope and improve the safety of New York City for their residents and tourists, but transit crime has increased and there is no stopping these criminals just yet.

Because of this, 40 percent of Manhattan employees are thinking of leaving the city. The deteriorating conditions of the city are forcing people to work remotely. From a survey on the city’s conditions, 94 percent of employees who reside in New York City stated that there are not enough resources to address homelessness and mental illness. The crime rates have gotten worse since the pandemic started. Despite the grim outlook of the city, 72 percent said they are committed to helping in improving the city back to its glory.

On top of this, shop owners are facing challenges in upholding their sales because they encounter so many people who steal things or they come and grab whatever they want. Deborah Koenigsberger owns two clothing stores. She said, “I might as well leave my store door open and say, ‘Help yourselves.’” Some shop owners are closing their stores early and shortening their hours because they didn’t want to have any risk of assault or burglaries. They’re afraid for their own safety and they’re not taking any chances.

Without the control of criminal activity, the criminals will find confidence in doing whatever they want. There is a hope through Mayor Eric Adams that the conditions will improve in New York City through bringing better training for police officers and employing mental health professionals, but the question still remains for New Yorkers whether they should make the move out or not.


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