Nomi Health partners with ClearPoint Health to push for affordable health insurance

An effort to make insurance more accessible was recently unveiled by both Nomi Health and ClearPoint Health.

According to the press release, both US-based companies have pledged to  “lower healthcare costs” in companies by supporting employers across the country with their new product CliniCaptive, which hopes to cut down the “complexities within the healthcare system.” 

This is the latest in a growing “employer-directed trend” where, instead of going through an insurance company, employers could work directly with a specific healthcare provider.

Mark Newman, CEO and co-founder of Nomi Health and Jeb Dunkelberger, CEO of ClearPoint Health, both share their excitement at the partnership in separate statements.

“We all deserve accessible and affordable healthcare in our communities. Unfortunately, our healthcare system is burdened by unnecessary complexity and the overwhelming costs are resulting in employers not being able to offer a meaningful health benefit to employees,” said Newman.

“Nomi and ClearPoint share an unrelenting focus on creating tangible and transparent value for employers. We both believe that ‘healthcare is local’ and we’ll leverage our shared product to promote more localized partnerships between providers and employers,” said Dunkelberger. “ClearPoint’s medical stop loss captive integrates perfectly with Nomi’s service platform. Together, we’re able to partner with more provider organizations and health systems as we aggregate employers seeking an alternative insurance solution that offers sustainable affordability.”

CliniCaptive will be launching in 2024 in around 15 states, with more to join in the next year. Currently, around 50 health systems in those 15 states will announce their participation with CliniCaptive.


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