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Not clear for takeoff! Nassau County requesting no-fly zones in response to Cricket World Cup threat

The Cricket World Cup is coming to Long Island, and so are lots of precautions. Nassau County, Long Island, has been selected to host the T20 Cricket World Cup, one of the biggest cricket events worldwide. However, recent commotion has caught the eye of local officials.

According to Gothamist, a social media post threatening the event has recently surfaced. The post shows a hooded figure surrounded by drones in a stadium and includes the words “Nassau stadium” and the date of the upcoming match between India and Pakistan. While Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder assured residents that there are no credible threats, further images of drones, a rifle, and a pipe bomb have startled spectators. After becoming aware of the threat, Nassau County officials requested that a no-fly zone be established above the T20 Cricket World Cup.

While the threat’s legitimacy isn’t being addressed or acknowledged further, possibly to prevent public alarm, strict security precautions have been implemented by Commissioner Ryder and his department. One of these precautions is forbidding drones where the game will be held. If any drones are seen, the owners will be found and ordered to take them down immediately. Refusal will lead to arrest and drone seizure. In addition to the drone ban, bags will not be allowed inside the stadium, and without a ticket, no one will be permitted near the stadium.

In light of this tense situation, one silver lining is that there won’t be drones buzzing in people’s ears. Maybe banning them from games should become a regular practice.

Since being selected to host the Cricket World Cup last year, Nassau County has been taking multiple precautions to ensure a safe, memorable experience for all involved. Over the past six months, officials have been preparing for security and healthcare concerns surrounding the main event. In their efforts to be fully prepared, consultations have also been made with previous Cricket World Cup venues and local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Ready for anything and everything, Nassau County is prepared to host the Cricket World Cup. With the Department of Health acting as backup for potential issues and many healthcare professionals on standby, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman told Gothamist that residents and viewers can be put at ease.


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