NYC Purse Snatcher has Crime System in Her Favor

“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” That doesn’t seem to be the case for 46-year-old Nicole Green. She was released on Monday by a judge from Manhattan. After that, she would wait two days to conduct another robbery. From door arrests to break-ins, Green has conducted a series of 59 pettiful crimes, yet no one has given her strict consequences of these crimes.

Law enforcement workers are greatly disturbed to know that Green avoided jail time for so long. One Manhattan cop questioned, “Am I missing something? She doesn’t show up for a supervised appointment, so they give her another chance? At one point, the courts have to realize that some people can’t be trusted to show up when there are no penalties.” Another Manhattan cop said that they should probably tell Green to stop robbing people; this is a petty crime after all. Those who were victims of Green’s thievery felt this was unjustified because the second she leaves court, she will continue to pursue people’s purses.

Green’s recent arrest was due to kicking a woman in the Queens train and stealing money from her purse. They did not require bail for this time. She was released from jail without bail as long as she stays away from the subway. She also fought another woman and stole her wallet in the subway last month. The prosecutors required a $25,000 bail for that case. Her lawyer, Glenn Hardy, expects a justified look in the next trial and will return to court on March 2nd. At this time, she remains supervised.


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