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NYC shooters on scooters gun down four people, killing 1

On Tuesday, armed individuals mounted on scooters allegedly opened fire at a Bronx Street corner, leaving one person dead and three others injured, according to police records.

The occurrence took place at 6:15 p.m. in the vicinity of Mount Eden. At the crossroads of Townsend and East Mount Eden avenues, four males aged 23 to 37 watched as four others on scooters rode up to them, going Easton on Mount Eden Avenue.

Each scooter’s back riders drew their weapons as they rounded the bend and fired ten bullets at the guys.

Four people were hurt in the shooting; three of them had leg wounds, while one man, 29-year-old Miguel Doleo, had wounds to both his chest and leg. After being quickly transported to a local hospital, Doleo tragically passed away from his injuries.

Scooters carrying masked and hooded suspects rode north on Townsend towards the Cross Bronx Expressway as they rode away from the site of the incident. As of this writing, the inquiry continues, and it is still unknown what motivated the assault.

According to law enforcement, if you have any information, contact the New York Police Department’s Crime Stoppers hotline or send an anonymous report via their website or Twitter.

Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry responded to recent scooter occurrences by highlighting police efforts to combat scooter-related crimes, namely in the Mount Eden region. He said it is difficult to differentiate between lawful scooter users (such as delivery people) and criminals.

Daughtry said that this year, 989 summonses have been issued, and 1,300 scooters have been arrested. The number of illicit scooters, dirt bikes, and ATVs seized from city streets is substantial; the Bronx alone has seized 2,500 bicycles.

Using tactics like air assistance, he said, a deliberate strategy is necessary to capture those on scooters without putting the public or cops engaged at risk.

The neighborhood’s unauthorized scooter use will be the focus of the Community Response Team’s increased efforts in the wake of Tuesday’s incident. Officials, however, are keen to emphasize that many groups, not just law enforcement, must work together to resolve public safety issues.

According to police figures, there has been a noticeable uptick in the number of arrests and seizures of firearms in the Bronx precincts recently, which highlights the continuous endeavors to address gun crime in the region.


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