OnlyFans Reverses Decision to Ban Sexual Content

On yesterday, August 25th, OnlyFans officials took to their twitter account to announce the “suspension” on the upcoming ban of sexually explicit content that was set to go into effect October 1st. The reversal is credited to the outcry from the platform’s users and sex workers after reiterating to the company that “its success is solely due to their explicit content”. 

They alluded that the banning of such content will cause the company to lose money and credibility, thus the platform’s future will become bleak. “Thank You to everyone for making your voices heard.” OnlyFans tweeted early Wednesday morning. The initial decision for the ban was noted by OnlyFans that they had to make the policy change to comply with the requisition of their “banking partners and payout providers.” The platform’s officials have since come to a consensus with said partners and providers and is now able to permit diverse content to continue on their platform. “We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community” OnlyFans officials announced. 

Now the platform faces more bottlenecks in consequence to their initial announcement last week. Subsequent to the initial banning, sex workers who relied on the platform’s income quickly deleted their accounts to work on potential other services. For instance rapper Tyga, who is one of the top earners on the platform, almost immediately deleted his OnlyFans account and announced his soon to be rival platform Myystar that will be specifically for sex workers. In lieu of the many now deleted accounts and lost of a handful of sex workers, will OnlyFans be able to stabilize its platform and return to its initial success?

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