Pinkberry Expansion

For Pinkberry, frozen yogurt is not enough anymore. The company decided to begin serving nonfat Greek yogurt. The Los Angeles- based chain is known for its rich frozen yogurt; however their new, Greek delicacy is unfrozen. Also, Pinkberry is not settling for their usual likes of granola, fruit, and honey on their yogurt. Now, on the menu the costumers will be able to see tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers as the selection of toppings. Pinkberry is not just a dessert and snack place anymore!
Some stores are even serving coffee and opening at 8 a.m. The reason for this is an attempt for making the brand a breakfast spot. You can eat fruit and granola on the Greek yogurt and then come back later for something more hearty.
Why Greek yogurt? There is a simple answer- during the recent years in the US, Greek yogurt has become very popular, “accounting for 20 percent of total yogurt sales in 2011” as Chicago Tribune reported. Taking this into consideration, it makes a lot of sense that Pinkberry would want to expand their brand and serve Greek yogurt as well as the frozen one.
First, this experiment will be applied to most locations in Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington D.C. Later, if it becomes successful and attracts customers, we will get to taste the new specialties in New York City!


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