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President Biden Addresses Soaring Inflation and Reassures Americans

Amid soaring inflation that has been a source of panic for many American citizens, President Biden delivered a hopeful message while blaming Republicans on Tuesday night.

The president delivered his speech to an audience of union workers at the AFL- CIO convention in Philadelphia. Biden’s message was full of hope and passion and was well received by his joyful audience as they offered standing ovations.

Biden told his crowd, “You’re a gigantic reason why I’m standing here. Standing here today as your president. I really mean it.” He also addressed the direct effect of inflation on his people, stating that it is “sapping the strength of a lot of families” with gas and food prices rising almost daily. He emphasized the complications involved with the food crisis and his plan to help bring down the costs. Said plan includes working to get Ukrainian grain out of the country, into the global markets.

While he did mention the actions he has taken to fight the crippling inflation, unfortunately, Biden admitted that he feels stuck regarding the price jumps. He claimed, “The problem is Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families. That’s why my plan is not finished and why the results aren’t finished either.” Biden added, “Jobs are back but prices are still too high. Covid is down but gas prices are up. Our work isn’t done. But here’s the deal: America still has a choice to make. A choice between a government by the few, for the few, or a government for all of us. Democracy for all of us. An economy where all of us have a fair shot and a chance to earn our place in the economy.”

Since the midterm elections are quickly approaching, Biden used the opportunity to reach voters.
“The fact is Republicans in Congress are still in the grip of the ‘ultra-MAGA’ agenda. And they still refuse to consider any part of the Trump tax cuts, which delivered a massive windfall to billionaires and others. And they weren’t paid for,” Biden said. “They still refuse to consider a minimum corporate tax of 15%, minimum tax. They seem to think that the problem in America today is the working families aren’t paying enough.”

Throughout his speech, President Biden provided glimmers of hope. He declared, “But the truth is, I’ve never been more optimistic about America than I am today.”


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