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Presidential immunity is not in the best interest of democracy. (Op-Ed)

Presidential immunity is not in the best interest of democracy. For Donald Trump, it has evolved into an excuse for crime without punishment. Simply, presidential immunity creates a dangerous imbalance, removing accountability and breeding a culture of lies and deception. This is the shield that Donald Trump is using to avoid being held accountable for his crimes.

Immunity shields the president from legal repercussions for actions during one’s term. While this may seem necessary to ensure focus on actually running the country rather than fighting civil legal battles, it is currently being abused. Without accountability, there’s little reason for a president to not abuse their power or fall into corruption. Donald Trump, shielded by immunity, committed several crimes in office, knowing that he likely wouldn’t face any real repercussions for his actions. The president, any president, should be accountable to the people who elected them, the people that they serve.

The law becomes murky when the person in power is an evil bigot who thinks he is free to do whatever he pleases. Presidential immunity can shield presidents from investigations into potential misconduct or criminal activities, a tactic that Trump is currently employing. This not only prevents justice for potential victims but also weakens the legal system meant to protect those very citizens. If Trump is not held accountable, it sends a message to the people that a president’s power is inherently stronger than the justice system as a whole.

A culture of elitism and privilege, where those in power are exempt from the same laws that apply to ordinary citizens, has emerged. Equality before the law, a large facet of democracy, is rendered useless when presidential immunity is used. Trump’s position that he is immune from prosecution reinforces the prevailing idea of a ruling class above the law, creating more political division and unrest.

Checks and balances exist for a reason. If Trump’s argument is upheld by the Supreme Court, future presidents may overstep their authority, bypassing Congress and the judicial system for their sick whims. Democracy is at stake; this could directly lead to potential abuses and authoritarian, dictator-esque tendencies.

No one, not even the president, is above the law. The power should be in the hands of the people, not a vindictive ruler.


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