Russian Missiles Hit Lviv, Ukraine

The skies are shrouded with blanketed tones of grey and white. Debris of the building’s last remnant bodies lie everywhere. Piercing shrikes of missiles can be heard from a distance, yet many wonder when this war will come to an end. Russian troops are advancing the city of Lviv where seven people were killed.

The missiles were firing at Lviv, hitting hundreds of targets to prepare for the eastern offensive. The targets were over 300 military targets that included fuel depots, warehouses, and other buildings. Russians are almost conquering Mariupol where Ukrainian fighters were strongly outnumbered by Russian troops. There were gratifying demands from the Russian government that the Ukrainian fighters should lay down their weapons, but more countries are giving weapons to Ukraine to support them.

There were plans heard that Russia is pursuing the conquering of Donbas. The Russians at this time were struggling to get Donbas with the uprising of the local Ukrainians. The missiles of Lviv hit empty warehouses. In the beginning of the war, the general public throughout Ukraine would surrender immediately, but their resilience and determination to protect their country overpowered the fear that many people do not make it well when going to war. The attacks in Lviv have prevented Ukrainian fo4ces from entering.

Lviv is 50 miles away from the western border of Poland. This is one of the areas where Ukrainians are fleering west to neighboring countries. Before the missile destroyed the premise, Lviv had beautiful architecture. Lviv became a world heritage sight and attracted many tourists. Now, it is the base to provide humanitarian supplies and other materials to help fight against Russian soldiers. In any case, the alarms and the thick black smoke reminded residents that the violence is near and they need to move elsewhere if they want their family to survive.

Fedora, a conductor, said, “People we’re getting information from their relatives in Lviv. They weren’t panicked, but they were worried. I told them to stay calm.”

One Ukrainian citizen said, “It was panic. Many people were from Kharkiv and other places and they were so afraid of rockets already. They thought that it was safe to stay here.”

Police officer Orest Maznin said the war happened so fast that he didn’t have time to be afraid. He tried driving away from the city until the missile hit the garage he passed by. His car was hit by a large piece of shrapnel.

As we watch the war continuing in its destructive path, only 11 people have claimed to be injured. For what we know. The numbers can go up. Rescue is still being sent to Ukraine to provide them necessities for life.


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