Selena Gomez sells 70 million of blush

For those of you who don’t already know, Selena Gomez has a makeup brand that has been breaking the bank, Rare Beauty. Rare Beauty debuted less than three years ago.  Despite the fallout that many celebrities had with cosmetic lines, the company has succeeded in making $250 billion dollars globally by recreating simple, well-priced, effective makeup products. 

 As of right now, the brand is on its way in 2023 to triple last year’s sales in 2022.  The company ended up moving 3.1 million units of its best-selling blush, and the product retails for $23, which means it alone generated about 70 million in revenue on just the blush alone. 

Many people believe that the reason why Selena Gomez’s brand, Rare Beauty, has been doing so well is her brand as a well known actress and musician but, as many others in the industry have proven, celebrity is not enough to float a makeup line: Sephora stopped selling the brand of tik-tok celebrities Addison Ray, and Hyram Yarbro. Ariana Grande paid 15 million to buy the physical assets of her company REM Beauty from LLC, whose big bet on Celebrity influencers led to bankruptcy. 

Meanwhile, Gomez has been on the upswing after many personal struggles.  In 2016, she spoke out about her struggles with depression, and anxiety, and her ongoing battle with lupus. During her tour of Revival, she ended up having to cancel the tour after 55 performances. Her candidness about these struggles (as well as her triumphs) have led to her becoming an inspiration to women all over. 

The Rare Impact Fund was launched as part of Rare Beauty’s focus on addressing mental health 1% of all the rare beauty sales are donated to the Rare Impact Fund. 

Selena Gomez spoke out about her brand on the Rare Beauty website, its history, and there mission. 

“Being Rare is about being comfortable with yourself. I’ve stopped trying to be perfect. I just want to be me.” – Selena


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