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Sen. John Fetterman gets candid on mental health struggles

No one is immune to mental health struggles and illnesses; not even accomplished political giants like Senator John Fetterman. Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman opens up about his mental health struggles in an interview with NBC News’ “Meet the Press”. The senator was discharged back in March after he had received treatment for clinical depression. In the interview with “Meet the Press”, he stated that last December he was struggling to “get out of bed”, and that it was a “very dark” month for him.

Fetterman revealed that he first started experiencing symptoms when he entered the race back in “January of 21”; he said there was a lot of “stress” as well as “pressure”. He stated that, It was a “slow burn”, and that he knew his health was “deteriorating”. 

Fetterman also revealed that subsequently, he suffered a stroke in 2022 and that the depression progressively got worse. He had even thought about harming himself before.

Fetterman decided to receive help when he realized that he was scaring his children, who according to him would repeatedly tell him: “You won dad, why aren’t we enough, why are you still so sad”. That is when things got even worse, and he decided to check himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The senator stated in the interview that as of now “things are much more different”, that he is “grateful”, and is “living his best life”.  He is choosing to share his journey to make a difference as well as to encourage others to speak up, and in the interview, he encouraged everyone who may be struggling with depression to seek help, to be aware of the fact that they don’t need to “suffer any longer”, and that they deserve to “be better”.


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