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Special Edition of the Bachelorette (Swift Squad Style) “With No Rose to Give, Taylor Swift Eliminates Calvin Harris: What About the Roses in Her Lyrics, and When She Said, “Loving Him is Red”?”

June 1st, Celebrity couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, “Tayvin” shocked the public with the news of their breakup. There has been a lot of buzz on Twitter about the breakup, which Calvin has been responding to so that there is no confusion about what happened. “Sources close to the DJ tell TMZ … Calvin believes celebs are narcissistic, and all he wants is a normal girl.” It is important to Calvin that the world knows the truth, and not what Taylor stirs up in the media. Calvin has suspicions that Taylor and her new boy-toy Tom Hiddlestone liked each other before the breakup. TMZ says, “As for why Calvin thinks Taylor’s a narcissist … he can’t believe she dumped him when he was down after his car accident … just because she found a shiny new object. He also says she was so obsessed with her life and career she felt put out whenever he had plans that conflicted with what she wanted him to do.” Ms. “innocent” romantic country singer turned into a selfish wannabee Queen B. once she hit the top charts, won nearly every award this for her album 1989, and accomplished #squadgoals after desperately forming her not – so – impressive catty clique. I mean being Squad Leader is clearly a very important role, especially when your famous friends include Selena Gomez, and ‘elite’ models Cara Delavigne, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid etc. The Swift Squad runs ‘squad deep’, the trendy way to say you socialize at the same place at the same time. Articles report that Taylor broke up with Calvin right when Gigi broke up with Zayn. It is interesting how the Swift Squad refers to this as ‘hoes before bros’ when several reliable sources describe the breakup as Taylor calling it quits with Calvin to live a ‘hoe life’ with Tom. The Daily Beast says, “Just two weeks after Harris lost his lucrative relationship gig, Swift was spotted making out on a bunch of Rhode Island rocks with actor Tom Hiddleston. The series of snaps were about as candid as an episode of The Bachelor, and just as cheesy. Then again, you have to give Swift credit for the sheer Swift of it all: a steady rotation of interchangeable love interests combined with a New England seashore and a whole lot of hand-holding reads like a very uncreative game of Taylor Swift mad-libs. Boyfriends may come and go, but a personal brand is forever.”

In my personal opinion, I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Taylor Swift’s music (especially the older songs) but her social-climbing snobby attitude has made me think of her completely differently. The way she handled the breakup with Calvin goes against the lyrics of her songs which makes them slightly less meaningful to me. The good news for Calvin is that he gets to break away from the Swift Squad, and the attractive music artist definitely won’t have a problem finding girls that are interested in him. Watch out Taylor – just like Usher said years ago, “DJ Got Us Fallin in Love Again”, and maybe Calvin will be true to Taylor’s song lyrics – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”
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Article by:
Alexandra Selby


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