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Photo Credit: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

Stormy Daniels testifies against Donald Trump in New York hush money trial

Stormy Daniels went head-to-head with an attorney for Donald Trump on Thursday morning during a cross-examination in New York. The adult film actress pushed back on many of the questions she faced, with Trump’s attorney suggesting that she has branded herself as one of Trump’s adversaries and is prone to making up stories. Daniels first took the witness stand Tuesday, delivering detailed and often unsettling testimony about a sexual encounter she said she had with Trump in 2006. Trump, who denies they ever had intercourse, reacted so angrily to her testimony that Judge Merchan was alarmed and asked his attorneys to make sure his outbursts and unreasonable behavior stopped. The trial was not in session on Wednesday.

Defense attorney Susan Necheles nagged Stormy Daniels for more than 15 minutes about her description of sex with Donald Trump, accusing her of changing her story over the years to make it sound more ominous and threatening.

“Your story has completely changed, hasn’t it?” Necheles asked.

“No, not at all. You’re trying to make me say it’s changed, but it hasn’t changed,” Daniels said with anger in her voice.

Necheles continued to say that Stormy Daniels is a woman who creates fake sex and other types of stories, making them seem real to an audience. Necheles attempted to prove Daniels has no credibility because she has a reality TV show that involves the paranormal. Daniels retorted that the show is for entertainment purposes only, and everyone involved knows that.

At one point, Necheles asked Daniels if it was true she said she would be instrumental in putting Trump in jail. “Show me where I said I have been instrumental in putting Trump in jail,” Daniels said.

Prosecutors — responding to claims that defense attorneys made — attempted to explain why Stormy Daniels has posted anti-Trump comments on her social media accounts that could be viewed as her claiming responsibility for the indictment against Trump. Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger showed the jury posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, posted in recent months about Daniels that have called her an “aging harlot” and said she is a “disgusting prostitute who accepts money to frame an innocent man.”


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