Team USA Uniforms to Be Made In China

While it isn’t an athletic event, the opening ceremonies at the Olympics are truly a grand sight to behold as each participating nation parades its athletes in a showing of pride for one’s country. A big factor of the ceremony is the respective country’s attire. Many, if not all, countries go with colors and styles that represent their home land. Some even go so far as to wear the traditional old-world clothing of tribes and peoples long gone from their countries. Team USA will take no exception to London Games, teaming up with Ralph Lauren to design a uniform that strikes close to home. The result is a very military-esque uniform consisting of a blue blazer and a matching headpiece with white pants (skirts for female athletes). While many believe the designs to be a success, there is one problem: Ralph Lauren has opted to have the suits manufactured in China. Ralph has decided to give Team USA the ultimate irony as they will represent their home country by wearing clothes made by a competing nation. Mr. Lauren has also snubbed the American economy by spurning American manufacturers and going to China to save a meager sum of money. Many agree that Ralph Lauren’s actions are unacceptable as his worldwide brand certainly makes enough money for him to be able to afford the uniforms to be made at home and have even called for the athletes to boycott the uniforms. As of now, however, no such plans have been made public by the athletes. While they weren’t a complete strike-out like Stella McCarthy’s Team Great Britain uniforms, Lauren’s uniforms can never be taken seriously and instead might represent an entirely different aspect of America: corporate greed.


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