“Teen Mom Drama OG”

It’s always something with this show! For the many of you that have followed the original 16 & pregnant, you’ll realize all four of the woman in this picture have continuously grown and shaped their lives. For the individuals who are new to this show, it’s very interesting and if you like drama you’ll love Teen Mom. We all know that throughout this show, Farrah has always been known as the disrespectful one along with Amber. Although as time has surpassed, Amber has shaped herself in to a well-rounded young woman and with that came mistakes but lessons learned. Whereas Farrah, was disrespectful when the show first started and is even more disrespectful  now. Maci and Caitlyn were never a problem to others. They came across bumpy roads and were able to overcome them.
Recently on Teen Mom reunion show, Amber ran out on stage ready to fight Farrah. This all came about when Farrah had an interview prior and decided to bash on Amber implying she’s a bad mom and not responsible for her house let alone her kid. Farrah is extremely quick to point fingers at everyone else mind you, if you saw   how disrespectful she is on the show, her ‘friends’, and even her parents you’d be disgusted! We all knew the day would come where someone decides to put Farrah in her place. The behavior and attitude she has is not going to get her far in life realistically. This anger built up has given Amber no other option then to leave the show. “I’m leaving the show because I’m not fairly treated on this show and I’m tired of inconsiderate, big mouth,  disrespectful people.” This might be what had to happen for people to realize Farrah’s all about her and no one else. Keep watching and stay up to date with Teen Moms and their Reunions. You may find something out that one of them been hiding!


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