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The Cricket World Cup on LI sounds like a rogue choice, but it could put the community on the map (Op-Ed)

“Where are you visiting from?”

“Long Island.”

“Where’s that?”

As a Long Islander, traveling out of state practically guarantees this conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, Long Island is an amazing place to live: calm, safe, with great restaurants, and lots of fun to be had if you know where to look. Despite this, it’s not exactly a tourist location or what people think about when New York comes to mind. However, with the Cricket World Cup 2024 starting on Long Island today, all that could be about to change. Over nine days, June 3-12, the Men’s T20 World Cup will be playing eight matches in Eisenhower Park.

Larger sports events, regardless of the city, town, or state they are held in, will always attract big-time fans of the game. Devoted cricket fans are, without a doubt, going to be flocking to Eisenhower Park to root for their favorite players, teams, and countries.

With the Cricket World Cup staying on Long Island for a little over a week, devoted fans aren’t going to see one match, call it a day, and return home. Rather, they will want to spend multiple days at the event, cheering and celebrating with like-minded people. This could lead to hotels and motels in and near the Eisenhower Park area seeing a surge in customers via cricket fans and tourists who come to view the starting matches.

While it’s the sport that’s attracting people to the Island, there is a good amount of other things to see when not watching the game. With veteran memorials located in the park, outdoor and indoor recreational activities, museums, family fun centers, and much more, Long Island offers visiting cricket fans a mini-vacation as well as a good, safe view of the action between players.

Regardless of the sport, or how many teams are playing in it, world games are big both for the players and whatever area is lucky enough to be hosting it that year. For smaller, lesser-known areas such as Long Island, it’s a chance not just to get involved with the rest of the world, but also to show off what fun activities, sights, and venues there are to offer.


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