Poems from Cassidy Paredes



I walk along the road,
Paved with regrets of past mistakes.
The road grows heavy with sticks and stones.
It gets harder to trek every time I wake—
Wake from this terrible dream, becoming a reality,
The burdens towering high on my back.
The road is lonely, cold, and dark.
It’s the motivation to push through that I lack.

The road is never-ending, igniting my fears.
How can I live this way, overcome in pain?
Staggering through the dreary path,
I need to keep walking despite the shame.
I can’t push on, it’s too much weight.
I’m falling on my knees, can’t get back up— this life was in vain.

So, I sit down, hoping for someone to come to the rescue,
But until then I’ll let it wash over me—
The realization that I wasn’t meant to finish.
I resigned here in my stead, wondering what was supposed to be my destiny.
Sitting was the worst mistake I could’ve made, giving up instead.
Was my road meant to be hard and rough?
Then I realized the worst of it, that it wasn’t the road that was messed up.

It was me, the one who chose to walk it, the one who decided she had enough
Before she ever really tried.
Before she had even hit the ground running,
She determined this road would be the place she would die.

So, she submitted to the fears that swirled around her head.
She gave up a long time ago, she resigned,
Lying in the middle of the road, refusing to try to push on instead.
As her eyelids slowly closed and her rapid breath began to slow,
Her last words were muttered, “This is why I walked alone.”

Ded. The road all of us must take alone


Rising Above






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