The Noose on NASCAR

There is no secret that the sport of speed racing, known as NASCAR is a predominantly white sport. As issues being addressed across the world about racism and equality when it comes to those social issues in careers and work spaces, NASCAR is brought into the spotlight. On Sunday, full-time NASCAR driver Bubba Wallce, one of the only African American full-time drivers in the sport, found a noose in his garage no. 4 at the Talladega Superspeedway. 

Questions raised, was it really a noose? Was it a threat to Bubba Wallace? And Was it planned and set up for Wallace to be assigned garage no. 4?  ESPN and CNN have interviewed and spoke with NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace to get some answers. It is said by Wallace himself that he does not feel the noose was directed or specifically for him, but it was definitely a noose hanging in his garage.

 There has been a video from YouTube that shows footage of some cars back in November 2019 preparing to race in Talladega Superspeedway, with the same noose hanging in garage no. 4. Though it was still said and confirmed from the FBI and Wallace that it was indeed a noose hanging in garage no. 4. 

The irony that during a time of pointing out and addressing racism and equality across the world, this noose is exposed and seen by this specific player of African American descent. However, the outpour of support given to Bubba Wallace on that day and after from the African American community and NASCAR has been tremendous according to Bubba Wallace. He speaks on the small African American crowd who traveled fromAtlanta, to surround him and show support that day made him feel that change was on the way in NASCAR.


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