The Queen’s Funeral Procession has Begun: What to Expect

The Queen has been in reign for 70 years, which for 90% of the world population, is a reign that spans over their entire lives. Her absence has left many with a feeling of uncertainty and confusion about what’s next. After all, 90 percent of people have only ever known Britain as having a queen. These uncertain times are why the institution exists: to guide the royal family and the people through these new waters and into the shelter of the new monarch, King Charles III. It is this very same institution that has outlined the protocols and procedures for this transfer of power and mourning period.

Part of this “protocol” is a sanctioned 10-day mourning period that will lead up to Her Majesty’s state funeral, which is scheduled for September 19 (just one week from today) and lasts for seven days after the funeral. As part of this historical tribute, a funeral procession will take place starting today.  Her funeral will be different from that of Prince Phillip, or Princess Diana, who were royal consults, and thus had funeral services to match said title. However, the Queen’s service will mirror that of her father, King Edward VII. The procedure following her death is so organized that it even has its own code-name, “London Bridge.” 

“London Bridge” began on the day of her death with the announcement to the public that the Queen had passed. It was followed by announcements by both the new King and Prime Minister. The next day, the King announced a mourning period, and a 96-round gun salute was carried out in her honor (one round for each year of her life). On Saturday morning, King Charles III took an oath to the state, parliament took an oath of allegiance to King Charles III, and the transfer of power was made official. 

Now today, on September 12, the Queen’s coffin begins its procession from the Palace of Holyrood house to St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, where the royal family will attend a service. Following the service, the public will then be allowed to pay their respects to the late Queen. Tomorrow, she will be relocated from Scotland to London by the royal air force. Then on Wednesday, there will be a ceremonial procession by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, leading the Queen’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to Canterbury, where she will rest for four days. During these days, the public will be able to visit and pay their respects. 

On the final day, September 19, there will be a state funeral at Westminster Abbey. Attending the funeral will be the royal family, world leaders, and other important members of the royal institution. Among this guest list is Joe Biden. After the funeral final procession for her majesty will be carried out to Wellington Arch in Hyde Park before her coffin is transported to its final resting place at Windsor Castle. There, one last service will be held for her before she is buried next to her husband.


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