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Three reasons why eating a ‘rainbow plate’ is vital for your health

A common misconception about eating healthy is that it has to be boring. Any green vegetable you find in the grocery store paired with boiled chicken isn’t the most appealing meal. But, by “eating the rainbow,” you can accomplish all of your health goals while giving your body the nutrients it needs, and having fun while doing it!

Strengthen your immune system

Incorporating colorful foods into your everyday diet can greatly benefit your health. Different colors of fruits and vegetables offer a wide amount of different vitamins and minerals that help your body in all sorts of ways. Lycopene, for instance, is an antioxidant found in red and pink foods like watermelon and tomatoes. Mangoes, and other orange and yellow fruits, are high in beta-carotene, which the body uses to produce vitamin A. Vitamin A is vital for a healthy immune system function. 

You can make sure that your body is getting a wide range of nutrients that support multiple functions, including the immune system, by introducing new colors into your diet. An immune system that is nourished is more capable of protecting the body from diseases and infections, which will result in a higher quality of life.

Improve your mental health

The various colors represent a spectrum of vital nutrients that support brain function and impact neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters regulate moods. 

Because of their high level of antioxidants, these foods can help lower inflammation and stress. A healthy gut, supported by the fiber in these foods, may also affect your mood. 

A meal rich in color helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, long-lasting energy, and proper hydration—all essential for optimal brain function. Fish and other colorful foods high in omega-3 fatty acids are linked to improved cognitive function.

Spark some creativity

“Eating the rainbow” is a fun approach to increase creativity in the kitchen. Different colors provide a variety of nutrients, making the meal both visually appealing and nutritious. Adding a variety of flavors and textures to your food will help you come up with creative and original recipes. Creating visually striking dishes such as vibrant stir-fries or salads can improve your cooking.

Embracing a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables not only makes your meals healthier but also benefits your mental wellbeing, and can turn the kitchen into a space for creativity and fun.


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