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Tips for Taking on the Adventure of Thrift Shopping

As the idea of developing an individual and unique style continues to gain popularity, thrift shopping is one of the many ways you can discover what your personal aesthetic is. Although there is sometimes a stigma against shopping for used clothes, there are many benefits to this kind of shopping. Aside from the fact that it is sustainable and better for the environment, it does not hurt your wallet if you are looking to save some extra cash. Along with this, thrift shopping is a great way to develop a sense a style unique to you, as there are often unconventional pieces of clothing to be found.

Although walking into a thrift store and seeing hundreds of items can be daunting, there are some tips out there that can help you conquer this experience.

  • Do not go in looking for a specific item!

One way to not get overwhelmed with thrift shopping it to make sure that you are not looking to find a certain item. This can lead to missing out on unique pieces of clothing that could fit perfectly in your wardrobe. Despite this, it is a good idea to go in with some knowledge of what your style is. Whether it is an understanding of what colors you love to wear or the type of clothing you are interested in, it is all about finding the balance between being open-minded and matching your individual style.

  • Be openminded and know that there are different ways to style an item.

When thrift shopping you are guaranteed to find items that seem odd, but it is important to recognize that with a little imagination, you alter and style these “strange” items. Find an oversized t-shirt? You can most likely crop it or tuck it into your favorite pair of mom jeans. Sometimes an underdog item can be great if styled correctly.

  • Give men’s clothing a chance.

This tip is for the ladies out there who would not usually think to shop in the men’s section. Surprisingly, the men’s section of a thrift store if where you can find the best gems and vintage items. From hoodies to comfy mom jeans, it is important to not overlook this section of a crowded thrift store.

  • Look at the end of the aisle.

We are all guilty of searching through a store, impulsively picking up a bunch of items, and then secretly putting them away in a random spot because you’ve changed your mind. Well, at thrift stores a lot of people will do this and put back their items at the end of the aisle. Just because someone decided against an item doesn’t mean it has no potential.

  • Have fun and understand that practice makes perfect!

There is no question that thrift shopping takes not only a lot of patience, but a lot of practice. Thrift shopping should be fun, and it can take a while to find the correct store or method of shuffling through all the different clothes. Once you develop the understanding that each item has its own story and old home, thrift shopping becomes a lot more meaningful! 


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