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Tom Brady to Play in Record-Breaking 10th Super Bowl

Tom Brady, 43, continues to set records as he is going to play in his 10th Super Bowl on February 7th. Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021 Super Bowl. Currently, Tom Brady holds the record for most played Super Bowls with Steven Gostkowski coming in second with six Super Bowl appearances. Tampa Bay will be the first team ever to host a Super Bowl in Florida.

After 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, Brady was drafted to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March, 2020. Brady said of his move, “If I don’t go for it, I’ll never know what I could have accomplished. If I stood at the bottom of a mountain, and told myself I could scale the highest peak, but then didn’t do anything about it, what’s the point of that?”

 Some have argued that the fact that Brady has played in so many Super Bowls makes the achievement less special. Michael Hurley, a writer for CBS Boston, calls Brady’s many Bowl appearances “stupid,” and says, “It’s not supposed to happen like this.” Iconic players like Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers both have just one Super Bowl appearance and one win. Brady has said it is his goal to play in the NFL well into his 40s and it is clear that this is an achievable one.







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