Two teenagers are in custody after Kansas City Parade shooting

Wednesday afternoon, there was a mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade that resulted in the death of one person and injured twenty-three. Two juveniles have been taken into custody and remain suspects. Initially three people were taken into custody shortly after the parade, but one person has been released after it was discovered that they weren’t involved in the incident. The parade was held at Union Station, and the minors are currently unidentified.

“The juveniles will be charged if and when they are certified to stand trial as adults,” Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office told FOX4.

The victim killed in the shooting was Elizabeth “Lisa” Lopez Galvan, 43, who worked as a DJ for a local radio station. A substantial number of injured victims were minors, and as per the Kansas City Police, their ages ranged from eight to forty-seven (eleven of them being 16 and younger), all according to Yahoo Sports. Police also stated that the shooting was caused by “a personal dispute” ruling out any form of domestic terrorism as a cause.

Since the suspects are juveniles, they are not being charged as adults just yet. They are currently being detained in secure detention for “gun-related and resisting arrest charges,” according to CBS News. “The juveniles will be charged if and when they are certified to stand trial as adults,” said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, “We regularly work with juvenile court officers on cases and owe have worked with them on this case as well, though we do not oversee or supervise the juvenile officers, we work closely with them. We expect to be at future hearings regarding these individuals who were charged [Friday] in Family Court. We will continue to work closely with all authorities as the investigation continues. We are grateful for the collaboration and partnership with these juvenile officers.”


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