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Utah Jazz Looks into Bigotry Allegations Against VP Dennis Lindsey

In a series of tweets, former Utah Jazz guard Elijah Millsap stated on Wednesday that he was the victim of bigoted remarks made by the team’s vice president of basketball operations, Dennis Lindsey. Millsap tweeted that bigotry “is still very well present” and that Lindsey “made bigot remarks in my exit interview while conversing with Q. Snyder ‘if you say one more word, I’ll cut your Black ass and send you back to Louisiana.’” Millsap said this conversation took place during an end-of-season meeting in 2015. According to ESPN, an NBA investigation will look into notes taken during the meeting by then assistant general manager Justin Zanik.

Dennis Lindsey says he “categorically denies” making the alleged statement, and Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder says he “can’t fathom Dennis saying something like that.” Millsap says he is not trying to claim that Lindsey is racist and that, “it’s not one of those things where I’m trying to prove I’m right and he’s wrong,” but that he is trying to “highlight the use of those kinds of bigoted remarks, seeing that it can be beneficial to others that are suffering in a similar situation.” Millsap also says that his exit interview was the only instance where he experienced racially insensitive language while playing for the Utah Jazz. 

Millsap says it is hurtful when people ask him, “Why after six years?” He says that instead of asking why, one should “show empathy or compassion or love. If we did that, the world would be a better place.”

It is unknown when the NBA’s investigation into these statements will conclude. 





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