Wardrobe Tips for Curvy Girls

Wardrobe Tips for Curvy Girls
Speaking from experience, I know how hard it is to look good in the summer when all of the stick thin girls are rocking the summer trends to a T. While I may not be the most curvaceous of all the girls out there, I understand the pain when my backside struggles to fit into those skinny jeans or high waisted shorts. But don’t you worry, ladies! Here are some tips to bring some fabulosity back into your life without making you look frumpy!

  1. Blazers will make any outfit chic. If fitted well, they can accentuate those ta-tas and cinch in the waist, creating the most elegant hourglass frame imaginable. Pair it with some skinnies and heels and you’ll be ready for a night on the town.
  2. Shift dresses are a girl’s best friend. Honestly, nothing is better for a curvy girl than a dress that accentuates a small waist and skims over problem areas (like the thighs).
  3. Following the trend of the two rules above, the third rule is all about the waist! If wearing something loose, cinch it with a belt! This will provide structure your frame needs so that the shirt doesn’t make you look fuller than you really are!
  4. Make sure those girls are supported. Nothing caused a wardrobe malfunction quite like having too much cleavage for your strapless gown. Make sure you have the right type of shapewear and undergarments to keep everything in place.
  5. V-necks are your best friend, lengthening and elongating the frame. The best option: the wrapped v-neck dress. Cinched waist and a slimming neckline!

Hope these tips helped! Don’t be afraid to be bold!


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