YouTube plans to pilot shopping via livestreams

Video platform YouTube will soon begin piloting a new feature that will allow viewers to shop products directly from livestreams with select creators. According to the platform, the functionality will be limited to a few creators and companies at first and is an augmentation of the integrated purchasing experience YouTube began trial testing earlier this year.

According to YouTube, that function was only for on-demand films and allowed users to tap into the “credibility and knowledge” of trusted producers in order to make educated purchases. It stated that additional creators would be added during 2021.

For years, YouTube’s video platform has been a strong tool for product discovery, with over two billion monthly registered users turning to the service to watch product evaluations, demo unboxings, purchases, and more. material that has the potential to influence future shopping. However, producers who wanted to make money from their YouTube videos had to offer affiliate links to online businesses in the video’s description or through features like cards or end screens.

For quite some time, the struggle for a slice of the e-commerce pie has raged on. Even though Amazon presently dominates the sector, other companies, particularly search and social media platforms, have been looking for methods to get a foothold in the enormous market.

Facebook and Instagram both offer shopping capabilities that allow users to make purchases without having to leave the platform. Google has a similar system in place where you can buy things without leaving the search engine.

YouTube’s shopping function is most likely the company’s foray into the lucrative tap-to-shop industry. Additionally, it provides creators with a new revenue stream and customers with another e-commerce platform to consider.


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