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Zendaya is not only a good actress, she is also the next big fashion icon (Op-Ed)

There are certain Hollywood stars that stand out more than others, and it’s not just because of their acting abilities.  The multi-faceted Zendaya is more than just an impressive actress; even though she has won over viewers with her work in critically acclaimed films like Dune and Spider-Man, on the fashion scene, she is quickly becoming a household name too.

Zendaya never fails to turn heads and capture photographers’ attention whenever she graces the red carpet. Statements, daring, and unapologetic, her fashion selections are more than simple clothes. Consider her most recent Met Gala appearance, when she created history by walking the red carpet twice in one evening. Zendaya was the epitome of grace and beauty in a 1996 Givenchy gown accessorized with a breathtaking floral crown.

Zendaya is unparalleled in her industry due to her bold style choices. Working closely with her stylist Law Roach, Zendaya never stops challenging fashion norms, bringing a fresh spin to classic styles while honoring their illustrious predecessors. Whether she’s paying homage to Cher or emulating Sharon Stone at the Oscars, Zendaya’s fashion moments are always stunning and well-planned.

Her impeccable taste in clothing is on full display during the premieres of her films. Stunning in a one-of-a-kind bright yellow gown, she exuded an air of refined elegance at the Challengers premiere in Los Angeles. In Rome, she wore a chic spin on the traditional white suit, radiating charm and self-assurance. Zendaya wore a stunning vintage Thierry Mugler ensemble that matched the film’s sci-fi concept to the London international premiere of Dune: Part Two, which was creative and certainly unique. 

Zendaya is a natural in front of the camera, and her sense of style is second to none. Her elegance and charm are on full display whenever she appears in print, whether it in Vogue or on a magazine cover. Always a trendsetter and an inspiration to fashionistas everywhere, she manages to combine her impeccable taste with her irresistible charisma in a manner that makes her stand out.

Zendaya is the epitome of uniqueness and honesty; she is not afraid to be herself and express herself via her clothing. Zendaya is undeniably charismatic and captivating in real life as well as on film, proving that she is more than simply an actress—she is destined to become a major fashion icon in our day.


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