3 Trends of 2018

In 2018 everything we do, or want to see, is at our fingertips. This over saturation of content from the past few years has created a storm of new food trends. First, and maybe the most obvious, humans have become obsessed with capturing our food in photos. If you are told about a new restaurant in town, usually it is followed by the reviewer sharing a photo of the homemade bread and probably three of dessert. Another trend that can be seen is the rise of establishments catering to special diets. Plenty of restaurants now serve low salt, sugar free, vegan, meat, and gluten free selections on their menu. Those needing special requirements for their needs should never hesitate to hear different option for their dietary restrictions. If those two trends alone weren’t enough, television has come up with a way to bombard us with shows catering to every type of cooking style and cuisine. Cupcake Wars, Carnival Eats, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Bizarre Foods, and the list goes on. All food preferences and recipes can be found from the comfort of our own homes. The trendiest time in food and culture is happening right now.


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