5 Beauty Brands that are Zero Waste

The past decade brought about not only more environmental mobilization but also an increase in consumer awareness. More and more, buyers are choosing eco-friendly brands over the cheapest, high plastic ones. The even greater news is that consumers no longer have to choose affordability over sustainability. For over a decade beauty companies have been taking the necessary steps towards a more sustainable beauty industry. It was about time!

So, without further ado, here are some great beauty brands that are zero waste right now. 


The name says it all. From the moment it was born in 2012, Ethique became the first beauty company to kick the plastic to the curb. This brand from New Zealand is plastic and cruelty-free, vegan and even their shipping is free of plastic. 

This brand sells haircare and skincare cosmetics and you can even find some products for your pet companions. 

Plaine Products

This hair brand sells refillable vegan bath and body products, which means you will only buy one bottle of shampoo and conditioner and keep using them for the rest of your life. 

They sell products for your hair, body, and face, and you can purchase them individually or through a monthly subscription. 

Common Heir

Common Heir is a very new skincare brand that is entirely plastic-free. All of their products are plant-based, come in biodegradable capsules, and the company offers free carbon-neutral shipping on all orders.

In Common Heir, you can get mini or full-size retinol or vitamin C serums. 

Pangea Organics

This brand is almost 4 decades old. However, they recently relaunched themselves as a plastic-free brand. They also offer recyclable packaging and sustainably harvested ingredients in their products. 

At Pangea Organics, you can get all kinds of skincare products from cleansers, tonics, moisturizers, serums, and face masks. 


Lumene is a high-end beauty brand that has recently launched new recyclable packaging. They aim to become carbon-neutral by 2025, by use of renewable energy, water-smart production, organic ingredients, and recyclable materials. 

At Lumene, you can find skincare products for all skin types and makeup as well. 


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