5 Found Dead and Many Missing After Migrant Boats Sank

Tragedy has struck as three shipwrecks claim the lives of migrants off the Tunisian coast. In a heart-wrenching series of events, these three separate shipwrecks off the coast of the Tunisian city of Sfax have resulted in the loss of 5 lives and dozens believed missing.

Upon reaching the open sea, the iron-made boats immediately started to fill with water.

Sfax Prosecutor Faouzi Masmoudi stated that in the past few days, the remains of five individuals, including a child, have been retrieved from the region.

The navy units successfully rescued 73 migrants following the occurrence of the three shipwrecks. However, based on the accounts of the survivors, it is believed that as many as 47 individuals, including six children, remain missing.

Sfax, Tunisia, located on the northern coast of Africa, has become a departure point for many migrants attempting to reach Europe. The country’s proximity to Italy and Malta makes it an attractive starting point for those seeking a new life across the Mediterranean. However, the dangers posed by unseaworthy vessels and unpredictable weather conditions continue to claim numerous lives.

In fact, Masmoudi noted a substantial rise in the number of victims interred in Sfax’s cemeteries since January, reaching nearly 500. This represents a significant escalation compared to the figures of the previous two years, with 355 burials recorded in 2022 and 226 in 2021, as per his statement in ABC news.

Tunisian authorities have also reported preventing approximately 13,000 migrants from embarking on the journey across Sfax, just in the initial quarter of this year.

The constant shipwrecks of Sfax represent a rather grim reality that is reflected in the dead and missing migrants in recent days.

However, hope is not lost that remaining survivors will be discovered.

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni eases our minds by informing reporters on Thursday that the heads of Italy and the Netherlands, along with the President of the European Commission, will be journeying to Tunisia on Sunday to present a set of security initiatives aimed at facilitating a potential international financial assistance package.


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