A Classic Tearjerker: Dear John

Whether you are an avid Nicholas Sparks fan or just enjoy the occasional love story between two forbidden lovers, Dear John is a movie worth watching. The adaption of Sparks’ book first hit the theaters in 2010 and immediately won over the hearts of thousands of viewers.

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried bring alive the story of John and Savannah as these two lovers navigate the murky waters of their relationship. First meeting in Charleston, South Carolina while Savannah is on spring break, John and Savannah instantly hit it off. As they imagine a future with one another, Nicholas Sparks creates a story where John and Savannah not only fall hard but fall fast. The undeniable chemistry between John and Savannah is apparent through their many adventures during the short span of time they have together.

Unfortunately for the couple, life moves on, and John returns to the army, leaving the pair to figure out a way to keep their new romance alive. This is where letters come to play a key element in the film. As they experience the heartbreak of 9/11 and the hardships of a long-distance relationship, love letters are what keeps their rocky romance alive. While John is fighting for the country, Savannah is left to deal with the heartbreak of his absence and the stress of wondering whether he is safe. Because of this, their dynamic changes for the worse, and John must decide how hard he wants to fight for their romance.

Although there are hundreds of movies that touch upon the turbulence of love, many can attest to the fact that Nicholas Sparks knows how to write captivating stories. Dear John, which is one of eleven of Sparks’ books to hit the big screen, is a movie that is both fun and heartbreaking to watch


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