B.o.B – So Good

“So Good” is fresh off B.O.B’s upcoming album ‘Strange Clouds’. There has been a lot of hype surrounding its release, and when it was announced that it would be available on May 1st, his fans couldn’t be happier. Signed under Grand Hustle Records, this North Carolina native has been making strides in the hip hop industry in the past couple of years. He has had many famous collaborations with artists such as Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne,Lupe Fiasco, Hayley Williams, T.I. among the rest. Born Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., he seems to capture the ‘swagger of a college kid’ in his music. He does not try to be too ‘hood’ but at the same time he does one or two tracks to let everyone know that that he is not to be messed with. Gaining respect as a rapper while also maintaining his true flow, that is what B.O.B’s main achievement has been for me.


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