Beauty: False Promise of Happiness

If we look around us, we notice that most beautiful people look happy, always so radiant. Is this look of happiness a false hope for others, or are beautiful people happier? There are claims that happiness is the first impression that people have of a person based solely on social standing, who live their lives to a higher standard. These ideals are more imperative in the philosophical tradition than the idea that art and beauty can create this same happiness.  However, it is taken for granted that happiness, inclusive of the idea of ‘the good life’, is “the true field of philosophy”. In classical philosophy, creating happiness is the main purpose of one’s life. Nowadays, some people spend so much time worrying about how they look and are perceived, they do not even have time to be happy. Beauty implies happiness, therefore, if something is beautiful, all will seem good. 

There is scientific evidence that beautiful things do bring the mind happiness, such as art or nature. When transferring beauty in this sense to people’s physical appearance and linking it with happiness, it gets more complicated. Beauty standards have caused some people the opposite of happiness. Some people never feel like they are enough: never skinny enough, never pretty enough, and so on. Being beautiful as a person should not come down to only physical appearance standards created by society. People will spend all their time and energy on achieving “beauty” that when they get where they want to be, they are still not happy. Therefore, beauty is the false promise of happiness. There are healthy ways to lose weight that are proven to increase the quality of one’s mood. Some of these are regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet. These release chemicals in the brain that lead to happiness; however, they can be enjoyed while not conforming to the “skinny is beautiful” standard. Happiness comes from being content with all things.


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