Best Beach Snacks

Packing food and snacks for a beach day can be super tricky; the sand, the wind, the mess! There are a few more things that you need to consider to make it a successful day at the beach, and you can’t just be following standard picnic guidelines.

Here are some of the best things to pack so you can enjoy at the beach comfortably!

1. Wraps: Everyone loves them and they’re customizable and portable too, get them ready in advance, wrap them in parchment, and slice for easy eating!

2. Skewers: Grill them a day in advance, pack them in a container and you can enjoy them cold which is a bonus! These are also fully customizable so even the pickiest eaters will have no chance to say they’re hungry.

3. Whole fruits, or cut fruits: Easy and refreshing. Fruit can be eaten cold or room temperature, and after a long day of tanning and swimming, a nice slice or piece of fruit is a satisfying and refreshing treat.

4. Pasta salad: You can also make this in advance and the types are endless. You can make potato salad or even egg salad, pack a few buns and you’ve also got some sandwiches on you for those who need a bigger carb kick after kicking it in the waves.

5. Charcuterie: An amazing board spread with a bottle of wine for the adults. Nothing beats a great charcuterie spread with some crisp wine on a breezy evening out at the beach.

6. Lettuce wraps: Just like your regular wraps, but something a little more keto or diet friendly if you’re looking to stay trim on your day away. These wraps are also easy to assemble and are fully customizable so you won’t have to worry about anyone going hungry.

7. Cookies: Who doesn’t love them? You can bake them fresh or buy them on the way as a great sugary pick-me-up for when you get fatigued out in the sun all day.

Be sure to try a recipe and share with friends to enjoy your day out in the waters!


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